• Computer Science


    The Story

    In 2019, I created an app with my twin sister and two fellow high school students that aims to combat food waste and food insecurity. The app amplifies the social services provided by Fresh Hub (https://www.freshhubhouston.com/), an organization I co-founded in 2018. Fresh Hub rescues unsold food from Trader Joe’s and local bakeries, then redistributes the fruits, vegetables, and bread to food desert regions of Houston. When kids, parents, and workers of all ages don’t have access to nutritious meals, not only does their physical health deteriorate, but so does their mental well-being as finding food becomes a burden. Over 23 food distributions - including drive-through distributions since the pandemic started - Fresh Hub has rescued 15,200 pounds of food and served 1,900 Houstonians.

    The Purpose

    The Fresh Hub app strengthens the connection between Fresh Hub and our clients. The Calendar and Map allow clients to see when and where future events will be. The Photo Hub shows what events look like to people who have never been and are interested in coming by. Aside from giving free food, I strive to help people forge sustainable healthy habits. The app includes a Recipe Hub, providing a myriad of easy, delicious recipes, and an Information Hub with helpful tidbits such as “How to Read a Nutrition Label.” We also have a Google Form survey, opening a channel of feedback from our clients so we can improve our services.

    The Creation

    The app was coded from scratch using the Flutter framework and Dart programming language. Building an app required long hours of reading Medium articles, learning from other people’s public GitHub projects, and watching YouTube videos created by Google’s Flutter team! The Fresh Hub app is available on Google Play Store and iOS - we wanted to make the app accessible to all of our clients - and has over 100 downloads. It is also a 2019 Congressional App Challenge Winner. Working through challenges was rewarding, and I hope to continue using programming for social good, building products that improve others’ lives.
  • Awards for the Fresh Hub App

    Congressional App Challenge Winner 2019

    Goal: to communicate with the target population and promote a healthy eating style.

    The Fresh Hub app has 5 components/pages:

    1. Home/Photo Hub

    2. Map

    3. Calendar

    4. Recipe Hub

    5. Survey

    For the coding portions of this project, we are using Flutter, a platform that uses the Dart programming language, to program the app.


    iOS App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fresh-hub/id1478371776

    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fps.fresh_hub_home

    Houston ISD Together With Tech 2019

    My coding team won the Code.It award at the annual Houston ISD Together With Tech Conference and received $300.

  • Photos of the app

    Coded from scratch!

    Photo Hub

    Photo Hub


    Recipe Hub

    Recipe Hub

    Recipe Hub

    Information Hub

    Information Hub