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    Starting in high school, I have been attending coding competitions to further challenge myself. Coding competitions are in Java.

    Seven Lakes Kickoff


    My team got 1st place in the programming test.


    I was the driver of my team of three. We coded in Java to answer the challenging programming problems.

    USACO (USA Coding Olympiad)


    I have advanced to the Gold level in this prestigious coding competition.

    Click on the icon to the right to see my code.

    Seven Lakes Coding Competition


    This was my first UIL style computer science competition. I placed in top ten at 7th place.

    (a written individual test along with a group coding test)

    Clements HS Coding Competition


    My team of three (me, Annie Zhu, and Bill Li, who is not picutred) got 2nd place in the programming test.


    Coded by Shirley Zhu, Annie Zhu, Miles Mackenzie and Caleb Hu

    App for the project

    To communicate with the target population and promote a healthy eating style.

    The Fresh Hub app has 5 components/pages:

    1. Home/Photo Hub

    2. Map

    3. Calendar

    4. Recipe Hub

    5. Survey

    For the coding portions of this project, we are using Flutter, a platform that uses the Dart programming language, to program the app.


    iOS App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fresh-hub/id1478371776

    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fps.fresh_hub_home

    Houston ISD Together With Tech 2019

    My coding team won the Code.It award at the annual Houston ISD Together With Tech Conference and received $300.