• Readiness Across Mathematics

    Marketing in HISD.

    I spoke at Houston Independent School District Board Meeting, set up booths at Parent University, and went to open houses at elementary schools to advertise the Readiness Across Mathematics (RAM) workshops.

    Collaboration with the community

    I presented my plan at Local Initiative Support Corporation Go Neighborhoods steering committee meetings and participated in focus-group discussions. Readiness Across Mathematics received $700 grants from 2019 Go Neighborhoods Small Grants to purchase books and supplies.

    Creation of worksheets and teaching tools

    The workshop is a hybrid of Texas STAAR test preparation and the curriculum from Camp-in-a-Box by Texas State University. I created worksheets for students to practice math problems and hand-made teaching tools to raise interest in Math.

    Teaching at RAM summer camp and workshops

    I co-led a week-long math prep camp for incoming six-graders at a local middle school. To close the gap in math education, I partnered with 3 elementary schools and host 9 half-day math workshops at the Old Spanish Trail and South Union neighborhood.

    Bonding with the students and families

    I coordinated a field day for my students, invited them to a Spooky Spaghetti fall festival and used this opportunity to get to know their families. I sent out newsletters to parents about free educational and recreational programs in the town. 

    Virtual tutoring during Covid-19.

    During the pandemic outbreak, I continued one-on-one tutoring sessions with the students. Biweekly Math Challenges were used to keep students engaged, and I sent out small rewarding gifts to students who completed the work on time. For students who didn't have internet connection at home, worksheets were mailed to them. The old-fashioned mail-in service helped to keep the vulnerable students on the same page.