• Student Council (StuCo)

    Bellaire Student Council is the voice between our student body and the administration. We host fundraisers, spirit weeks, and social gatherings that bring together the Bellaire Cardinals.


    I joined Student Council freshmen year, took on the position of Treasurer in my sophomore year, was promoted to Vice President in my junior year and then to President in my senior year.

  • StuCo Events

    Through my officer positions in StuCo, I have led and coordinated several events.

    Project Santa

    Project Santa is an a holiday celebration in December for the patients of Texas Children’s Hospital. Clubs from Bellaire hosted games and crafts for the kids and their families.


    To orchestrate Project Santa, I:

    • recruit food sponsors
    • consolidate patients’ wish list
    • collect presents from high school clubs

    The Gardens of Bellaire

    I spearheaded a partnership with the Gardens of Bellaire, a local senior residency. Every week, a Bellaire High School club visits the seniors and the high school students share their passion. Examples of weekly visits include music performance by the Guitar club, cultural dance performance by the African Club, and origami crafts with the Art Club.


    During COVID-19, even though I couldn't visit the seniors anymore, I still want to brighten their day, so I organized sending cards to the seniors.

    Bellaire Spring Festival

    The Bellaire Spring Festival is an annual event at the Bellaire Town Square that includes an easter egg hunt and booths set up by Bellaire High School Clubs.

    I coordinated with the clubs and food vendors.

    Themed Weeks

    Student Council organizes spirit weeks and Teacher Appreciation Week. I promote these events to the student body.

    This year, school had already transitioned to online platforms when it came time for Teacher Appreciation Week. So, I put together a form where students could submit videos and letters to their teachers.